Our customers, our markets, our manufacturing examples

Over the years, we managed to build strong partnerships with our customers. In automotive, aeronotics, robotics or in food industries, we understood the needs and issues and managed to find solutions.

We are specialised in the production of metallic and plastic parts, with complex shapes, in small quantities (from 1 to 100). We always produce parts based on a customer drawing. We are equipped with computer aided design (CAD) tools to produce in a more effective and quicker way.

We work with a wide range of raw material like steel, stainless steel, copper, brass, different kinds of plastic.

We are also able to subcontrat the following treatments to our partners:

Surface treatments Thermal treatments Additional tasks
Zing plating Hardening, tempering Specific EDM
Phosphating Carbonitriding Laser or water cutting
Nickel plating Welding
Anodizing Tumbling
Silver, gold plating Polishing

Our aim is to propose you a complete solution by only dealing with us.

Some manufacturing examples

Watchmaking parts
Milling on hardened steel (64 HRC)
Wide range of industrial parts