A little bit of story

The company A.L.P. (André Lavorel Précision) SAS was founded in 1993. The adventure began with Mr Lavorel who made his business grow quickly. His know-how ? The manufacturing of mechanical parts in a very small quantity for customers who needed to develop their products (prototypes) at small costs with short delivery time.

This adventure went on with the purchase of ALP SAS by Erablière Gestion group in 2012. With this, the company developed new processes, grew up and won new customers. It allowed ALP SAS to exceed 1 M€ of turnover in 2021.

In 2022, ALP SAS decides to extend his activities in Switzerland and creates a subsidiary in Nyon. Hence the birth of ALP Swiss Sàrl. The group also decides to change the meaning of his 3 letters: A.L.P. standing for Annecy Léman Précision.

Today, 11 employees work for ALP group. Our wish is to develop our activities of mechanical parts manufacturing for precision Engineering and to support our Swiss and French customers. Our aim is to help them develop their products and be successful.

Appointement made for the century of ALP group.


Our values, strengths and targets

Every day, we base our work on our values of quality, strictness, work and service to propose you a complete and dedicated support. We help you at the beginning of your project to optimise performance and costs.

Our target? To be the partner of your success. To achieve that, we work with a complete range of machines and use all the existing technologies in the domain of precision engineering. We are equipped with NC lathing, milling, grinding and wire cutting (EDM).

Thanks to a network of partners for surface and thermal treatment, we are able to provide you with high quality parts. Each of them is controlled with our inspection means in tempered room (profile projector, microscope, etc.).

The small size company allows us a flexibility and agility which are appreciated by our industrial customers. It implies short delivery times and competitive prices.

ALP group remains at your disposal for all the questions you have. Your success is our main goal.